Anthroposophische Studienveranstaltungen für junge Menschen

8th Klangstrom Week

Exploring Klangstrom-Improvisation, a new musical approach with Pär Ahlbom, Sinikka Mikkola & Fenneken Francken.

Klangstrom-Improvisation is a musical improvisation where an archetypal form of flowing sound is created. Through different exercises we practice and explore this method in its musical and social aspects.

Voice work, how to uncover the voices through Werbeck singing exercises, will take place in the morning every day. It is possible to book the Werbeck workshops only.

Newcomers, experienced and advanced musicians are all welcome. No special skills or experiences are needed to participate, just genuine interest. It’s also possible to bring one’s family along.

The Klangstrom Week will take place at the Solvik-School in Järna, Sweden. The costs for the week we will raise together in a fraternal way.


    Mo, 29. Juli 2024 - Sa, 3. August 2024






    Yttereneby 21, Järna, Schweden
    Yttereneby 21, 153 91 Järna, SCHWEDEN

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